Insider Tips to Selling your Lakeshore Home in Michigan

As lakeshore realtors in Michigan, we would like to offer you some tips to help you sell your property quickly, and reach your goals with minimal stress.

Tip #1: Make Sure the Price is Right

The goal, of course, is to find a buyer quickly and net the most amount of profit possible. You can achieve these goals if you’re prepared. You have probably watched area sales closely so you should have a good idea of local prices. A mistake that seller’s sometimes make is pricing their properties too high, expecting to negotiate and settle on the price they really want later on. It sounds like a great strategy, but it’s one that could come back to haunt you later on.

Conversely, a price that is too low means that you’ll miss out on the additional ROI that makes selling your home really worth it.

Your lakeshore Dirk Stone real estate experts have helped Michigan residents with pricing for a long time. Because of our experience, we can help you not only set the right price, but negotiate so that both you and the buyer are happy. You can get a quick value estimation on our website to get an initial idea of what your home could price at today. We can usually adjust that number as necessary after a walk through or phone call to learn about any improvements or additions to the home since you purchased it.

Request a quick initial evaluation here to learn how much you could possibly sell for today.

Tip #2: Prepare the Home for Sale

To you, your home might look picture-perfect and ready to place on the market. But prospective buyers may not agree.

It’s important to pay attention to certain details; if your home is a waterfront home for sale you’ll want to pay special attention to:

The view – You’ll want to be sure that prospective buyers are “wowed” when they see the view. Sometimes that’s all it takes to sell a home.

The shoreline – Potential buyers will always want to see the shoreline because that’s where they’ll be spending a lot of their time. Make sure it’s clean and the area looks inviting. You want them to envision themselves there.

The dock – Is the dock in poor repair? Is it easily accessible from the house/shoreline? These are issues that are easy to become blind to when you own a lakefront property. It’s important to address them right away.

If your home is not on the water but located in the lakeshore area (Holland, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Muskegon) you’ll want to make sure the property is perfectly manicured paying special attention to the Front Door (see our front door video) and each item on our Seller’s checklist.

Tip #3: Pay Close Attention to the Back of the House

When prospects walk out to the shoreline, they’re going to take a deep breath to really experience the lake. Then, at some point, they’re going to turn around. What will they see when they do? A beautiful, sandy beach? A picnic area? A place for the children to play?

The waterline is often your home’s “curb appeal.” When potential buyers look back at the home, you want them to feel impressed. You want them to – again – envision themselves and their family members and friends there, enjoying a wonderful time together. You certainly don’t want them to think about all the work they will need to put in to make it perfect.

Tip #4: Have the Home Pre-Inspected

There is so much value in hiring a home inspector to inspect your lakeshore home before you put it on the market. There are a few different reasons for this but it is most definitely one of the key checklist items from our Home Seller’s Checklist that you can download from our website.

First, everyone knows that purchasing real estate is rarely easy. There are a lot of steps involed. If you have your home pre-inspected, buyers might be attracted to it because it assures them that you are trying to take necessary steps to minimize some of the stress. Second, your home inspector will be able to point out anything that needs to be fixed or remedied. You can take care of these issues ahead of time, and that will help you sell your home quicker and also alleviate some stress on your end.

Tip #5: Work With Experienced Michigan Lakeshore Realtors

When it comes to hiring lakeshore realtors, understand the value of experience. You want to work with a real estate agent who has sold lakefront properties in the past. They will know exactly how to help you get your home ready for the market. Not only that, once you have an offer, they will work hard to negotiate the best price and terms to help you reach your goal.

Are you planning to sell your lakeshore property? If you are, we would love to partner with you. You’ll find that the attention you get from our agents is second to none, and before you know it, you’ll help another family achieve their dream of owning a Michigan home on the lake.

Please contact us today and we’ll get the process started for you.

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