5 Tips for Showing Your Home Tip #5:

Getting the Most of Our Service

Once you get past all the preparation for listing your home, the actual showings may seem like a breeze! You don’t have to be there while people look around, and your agent manages a lot of the work. What could be better? However, your role in the process is not over yet. As we come to a close in our “5 Tips for Showing Your Home” series, it’s important to remember how far we’ve come. From learning how to take care of your pets during home showings, to taking care of the clutter you have lying around, we have discussed a wide range of topics surrounding selling your house. If potential buyers have been walking through, but no one has made an offer, it might be time to give greater weight to the feedback you are receiving.

This is where we come in. As experienced agents, it’s part of our job to manage and relay impressions to you – both from potential buyers and cooperating agents. We do our best to anticipate what appeals to today’s buyers and can help you enhance your efforts with real-life consumer perceptions. Let us be your ‘eyes on the inside’, and use the data to your greatest advantage.

What kind of questions should you make sure we ask? Ones that get at the core features. “So, what did the buyers think?” will only get you so far. Here’s a short, but concise list of questions that we’ll try to get answers to.

“What things about the home did the buyers like most? What kind of things did they like the least?”: Learning what parts of your home you should highlight to buyers can be very helpful for you as a seller. Maybe you have a gorgeous view that ignited a positive response. Keeping your blinds open or putting up framing with windows with drapes before your next showing could highlight that! Conversely, if something small is making buyers uncomfortable (outdated paint color, boxes of your things lying around, etc.), if might be time to change that before the next showing appointment.

“What are your thoughts about the price of the house?”: This can be an uncomfortable topic to bring up, but serious buyers are often savvy and have done research, and their opinions may help serve you. Hopefully, with our help, your home is already priced appropriately based on its location and comparable homes in the area. However, if your target buyers aren’t making offers, it may be time to look into a price adjustment to meet the market.

“How does this house compare to other houses the buyers have toured?”: Just like with the first question, there might be certain aspects of your home that today’s buyers value. Does your neighborhood feature mature trees and a general feeling of pride of ownership? We want to continue to reference that in our discussions with buyers and other agents.

Though these questions are ours to ask, the answers can help us craft and monitor a custom plan for you, especially in a fast-paced market. Ultimately, this is your home and we are on your team. We want to help you sell it according to the objectives you’ve shared with us. Sometimes, the process may require changes on your part. However, we have a responsibility to be honest with you, and we respect the privilege of working with you. With care and communication, we will work together to achieve your goals!

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