5 Tips for Showing Your Home Tip #4:

Moving Past “It”

Things, stuff, clutter, junk. No matter what you call it, we all have far too much of “it.” This can be especially difficult when it comes to trying to sell your home. Where do you put all the things that are exclusively “yours” so that people coming to look at your home can feel like it’s “theirs?” In our fourth installment of “5 tips for showing your home,” we’ll look at three things to do with “it” when buyers come knocking.

1. Get rid of it!

If your house’s nooks and crannies are filled to the brim, it might be time to sort through the junk. Even if you’re not selling your home in order to downsize, looking through what you have and deciding what you truly need is a good first step in the moving process. Why would you want to haul all your old magazines, ill-fitting sweaters, and broken electronics to your new home anyway? Anything that is un-fixable should be thrown away. Anything still in good working order, but of no use to you, can be sold in a garage sale or online, or donated to one of the many amazing charities in your area.

2. Store it away!

After you’ve gone through all your things and decided what must stay and what must go, it’s time to find a place to put the things you wish to keep but don’t use on a regular basis. You may think that storing these things in an extra bedroom or hallway closet is ok, but buyers still look at these places when touring your home. Every buyer wants to find a place to store their stuff when they move. And they don’t want to see your stuff filling every closet while doing this. Move all your extra items into storage boxes and move them under beds, in your attic, or into a dedicated corner in the garage. Buyers will understand that you’re moving, but that isn’t an excuse not to be organized. Do you have so many extra items that you don’t have enough space to put everything in your own home? Think about investing in a storage unit. This is an especially good idea if you’re going to be moving to a temporary location after you sell your home, and before you can move into your next house.

3. Organize it!

There are some things that must stay in your house while you are showing it to buyers, a.k.a. the things you use on a daily basis. Though you may need these things, some of them won’t look very attractive to buyers who are trying to picture their things in your home. Let’s use your bathroom as a prime example. Keeping yourself clean is important; however, your messy shampoo bottle is not very attractive. We recommend taking all of the bottles and sponges out of your shower and storing them in a shower caddy under your sink for the time being. This way, you can take it out every time you need it, but it is out of the way when buyers open up your shower curtain. This same kind of idea applies to other spaces in your home as well. Put electronic remotes away in a basket in your living room. Move toys in your child’s room into a storage bin you can hide under their bed or in their closet. Move things off of your counters in your kitchen and into a cupboard or drawer.

With all these things, the goal is to allow the buyer to see your house as their potential home when they are walking through it. If your things, stuff, clutter, and junk, are all over the place, they won’t be able to see the beauty of what could be. So clean up, organize, store, and sell your home!

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