5 Tips for Showing Your Home Tip #3:

People Judge a House by Its Exterior

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is a common phrase, but the truth is, people do judge books by their covers. Likewise, most buyers will judge your home by its exterior. Even if the inside of your home is spotless and well-decorated, drab siding and an overgrown lawn will deter buyers from seeing your home as a good investment in their future. We know, it’s unfair. But fortunately for you, making changes to the exterior of your home is fairly inexpensive and easy to undertake yourself. With a few simple improvements, your curb appeal can go from drab to fab.

Shine your windows till they sparkle. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your windows, it might be time. If you have low windows and some rowdy kids running around, have them help you clean them! For a great low-cost, eco-friendly window cleaner (recommended by National Geographic!) combine equal parts vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Spray, scrub, and rinse! If you have second-story windows that are looking grimy, it might be helpful to hire a window-cleaning service.

Numbers count. There are some features of your home you are so used to seeing that you might forget they even exist, such as your mailbox and house numbers. If your mailbox looks like it’s been bulldozed by the snowplow a few too many times, buying a new one is a quick and effective fix. Investing a little more money in a metal mailbox versus a plastic one can make your home feel more modern. House numbers are also very important. They not only tell your buyers which house they are looking at, but fresh numbers on your home and mailbox can make your home feel more inviting.

Take out a fresh can of paint. Get inspired by HGTV’s current trend of a brightly painted front door. If your white, cream, or tan siding is looking dingy, a red, yellow, or blue door might be a good change to interest younger buyers. If you have colored siding or bricks, giving your front door a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color will still have a great effect.

Bring on the flowers! Nothing makes a house look uninhabited like dead flowers and overgrown shrubs. Bring out your hedge clippers (or go buy a pair) and trim down any overgrown branches. They don’t have to be shaped into circus animals; just a nice clean-up clip will do. If you’re showing your house during the summer, plant some new flowers that will brighten up your flower beds. If you’re not planning on being there next summer (and if all goes well, you won’t be), you can buy low-cost annuals instead of investing in pricier perennials.

We hope these tips will show your buyers how much you love the exterior of your home, and they will love it too!

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