5 Tips for Showing Your Home Tip #2:

Candles, Cookie, and Pie, Oh My!

A logical follow-up to our first tip about our friends Fido and Fluffy is to think about how scents in a home affect a potential buyer. Aromas can be subjective, and it’s a good idea to think about allergies and sensitivities when it comes to certain scents. At Dirk Stone Real Estate Experts, we’re here to help you navigate the advice out there, and zero in on how to up your selling game.

1. Deep Clean. Cleaning your home is a given when selling, but what products should you use? Should you douse your bathroom in bleach? While leaving a wafting bleach scent is a good sign that things are at least sanitary, bleach is actually an offensive smell to some. Instead of harsh chemicals like bleach (or ammonia), try using eco-friendly products that have very little scent or smell more natural. We are super fans of Mrs. Meyer’s products and really appreciate their cleaning power and plant-derived ingredients and essential oils that smell heavenly.

2. Eliminate food odors. You may not have thought of it, buy buyers do open up kitchen cupboards and refrigerators, so make sure that leftover lids are secured tightly. We all know that refrigerator odors dissipate all too slowly once they’ve been absorbed into other foods and plastics. Evan Grandma would attest that baking soda is a tried and true staple for odor absorption. We do recommend that you don’t cook with pungent ingredients for roughly four days before a showing—but what if you cooked a blackened grouper dish the night before a showing? Try simmering a pot of coffee beans on the stove for a few minutes. Our personal favorite natural air freshener is made by grinding about 1 cup of coffee beans coarsely, 1 tsp. of vanilla, and then adding water to fill the pan 1/3 full. (Either method works, but grinding the beans releases more of the scent.) Simmer on low heat for an hour or two, being careful not to let it boil. Your kitchen will smell divine!

3. Less is more. If you want a potential buyer to appreciate your space, you don’t want them focusing on overwhelming smells, even if they’re good smells. Natural and subtle is aways best. We would recommend diffusers over candles, but if you desire to light a candle, do it before the showing, and snuff it out (blowing out a candle creates smoke) before the potential buyers arrive.\

4. Scents should Reflect the Space. Keep in mind the appropriate smell for the environment in each room. Is your home decorated in a beach theme? Keep things light, fresh, and smelling of summer. Do your rooms feature rustic woodwork and beams? Try a natural, woodsy scent like cedar or pine. Being mindful of the space will send subtle messages to the potential buyer. Our sense of smell triggers memories, creates new ones, and makes us feel at home. And what’s more important than home?

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