5 Tips for Showing Your Home

Tip #5: Getting What You Pay Us For

August 16, 2018

Once you get past all the hard parts surround preparing your home for a showing, actually showing your home seems like a breeze! You don’t have to be there while people look around and your realtor does all the work. What could be better? However, your role in the process is not over yet. As we come to close in our “5 Tips for Showing Your Home” series, it’s important to remember how far we’ve come. From learning how to take care of your pets during home showings to taking care of the clutter you have lying around, we have discussed a wide range of topics surrounding selling your house. If potential buyers have been walking through, but no one has put out a bid, it might be time to get some feedback about how to make your home more sell-able.

This is where we come in. As your realtor, we would love to help you make your home as appetizing for potential buyers as possible. Ask us to communicate with them after they finish looking around. Sometimes they might have an immediate negative reaction to something small that you can easily change for the next crew of onlookers. Let us be your ‘eyes on the inside’, asking the buyers some easy questions about their perceptions.

What kind of questions should you make sure we ask? Ones that get at the core of the issues they may have with your house are the most helpful. “So, what did you think?” will only get you so far if there is an underlying issue. Sometimes it’s helpful for us to pry. Here’s a short, but concise, list of questions that we’ll try to get answers to.

  1. “What things about the home did you like the most? What kind of things did you like the least?”: Learning what parts of your home you should highlight to buyers can be really helpful for you as a seller. Maybe you have a gorgeous view out your windows that buyers really noticed. Keeping all your blinds open or putting up beautiful valences before your next showing could highlight that! On the other end, if something small is making buyers uncomfortable while looking around (outdated paint color, boxes of your things lying around, etc.), if might be time to change that before the next people look around.
  2. “What are your thoughts about the price of the house?”: This can be an uncomfortable topic to bring up, but it’s a necessary evil. Hopefully, with our help, your home is priced correctly based on its location and comparable homes in the area. However, if your target buyers cannot afford that kind of price range, it may be time to look into lowering your price a little bit.
  3. “How does this house compare to other houses you’ve been looking at?”: Just like with the first question, there might be certain aspects of your home that you can highlight if other homes that buyers are looking into do not have this feature. Is your neighborhood in a better school district than other homes they’re looking at? We want to mention that to the next buyers who might not have any kids quite yet, but are looking to start a family.
  4. “What would it take for you to buy this home today?”: This is a hard question for buyers to answer spontaneously, but their organic answers can be invaluable. Any changes you can make without spending any extra money are easy for you to do. Bigger, underlying, issues are not. However, those kinds of answers will help you manage your expectations when waiting for the right buyer to come around.

Though these questions are ours to ask, they are yours to hear the answers to. Ultimately, this is your home. We want to help you sell it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes efficiency takes some changes on your part. Remember the wise old saying: ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’. We’re only telling you these things because we care and because we want the best for you.  No matter how long it takes you to sell your house, the right buyer will come along and love it just as much as you have.